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I think i just got bullied at the mall. Omg. But i cant stop laughing LOLOL. I was walking around forever 21 and this girl kept bumping into me, literally ramming into me. And i was like whatever with it and walked away. And then later i saw her walking with 2 other girls and all of a sudden she fell. And i just said “omg are you ok?!” and she just stared at me with this really scary face and said “im fine”. In a really stern voice. And idk. She looked like she was gunna kill me HAHAHA so i said ok and turned away. Then she told her friends how she thinks keppel (my school) kids are really weird (and i think its because in wearing my keppel sweater): ) but now i cant stop laughing because i realized she was wearing a temple city sweater and i wouldve never thought that. I mean.. Seriously.. I thought tc people were adorable and nice ;____; thanks .

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Posted on December 31st at 9:44 PM
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  1. ohthedeception said: We are Nice D: there are just some crazy people out there!
  2. terrifiedtospeak said: the fact that you got bullied from thus drama between high schools in the SGV is stupid. just ignore it. those girls are pathetic. you’re waaaay better than them anyway. (:
  3. llamahugs said: You’re too cool for them peasants.
  4. matter-dontmind said: Lol. You’re awesome. That’s exactly how I would’ve handled that situation. xD We should be friends!! (: Sorry if that’s weird. haha But happy new year! :D
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  6. chibiuverworldfan said: You know that Asians are targets to racists more than other people.
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