STOPP!! . . ermergerd. k. now read that.

i just felt like getting to know you guys more… and key club gives me this perspective of you. this is purely for fun, and just for my own knowledge, out my curiosity. if you see this, please reply below with one of the following answering my question “are you in key club? if so what division, etc..”thank yoou:) :

- yes : please include division and state :) and or city
-no: why not? does your school (not) have a key club? where are you from?or why didnt you join?

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Posted on October 23rd at 2:51 AM
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  1. moonemoji answered: Yep!: We’re Division 37 south, in San Diego CA.
  2. jessicalifxrnia answered: Yes! Division 2 Kiwis, Oakland, California
  3. pervert-and-romantic-mind answered: no i’m from el salvador i want join
  4. x3traceh answered: I’m in key club! :) Division 4 North | Region 3; CA
  5. fangirlandreader answered: No, I’m from mexico…I guess you know the reason I’m not! haha :)
  6. felipe1d answered: follow me
  7. kolaliananas answered: I love to draw doodles.But it can not be said to be beautiful.I do not have a tablet.So I draw from the computer.Yours is not so.You’re amazi
  8. tr0picalz said: No I’m not in it , because I’m not sure what it is :o But I live in Wheatland California , it sounds fun though !
  9. coddynotcody answered: Ermergerd Yes, Division 25 East Koalas, Los Angeles, California? I believe :)D
  10. niallsgotnandos answered: No, we don’t have one, but it sounds fun :) (kansas.)
  11. steffosaurous answered: Yes! Not sure what division we’re in… But I know our mascots are like superheros or something… haha, in Milpitas! (: up in Norcal.
  12. unsuitedfit answered: Division 44 South Dinos, East Sacramento
  13. pity-those-who-live-without-love answered: Nope, Yes we have one, and most kids at mine like the gardening or medical stuff, Florida, and because Anatomy teachers are tough!
  14. quantayag answered: No, I’m not.I live in Wisconsin & our school doesn’t have key club and I really wish it did. If we did have it, I know I would join for sure.
  15. tinaface answered: no, not division 10 south. because you’re in it.
  16. chellyfishh answered: Division 27 North Grizzlies from Stockton California :)
  17. leopardboy answered: Australia/melbourne hat is a key klub?
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