meeepp!!! although i know i spend a lot of time talking about one direction and yada yada, i will ALWAYS love key club. im just a giant key clubber. no biggie. today was our RTC! and for those who dont know what that means, RTC basically stand for regional training conference :) its where a buncha key clubbers from our region(regions 13) come and learn more about key club(especially officers or potential officers) and how to better it with skills! :) had so much fun ^^ made friends, screamed my lungs out; heck, i even sang “ill make a man outta you” with 3 other random key clubbers from different divisions :) yes. and pooped…tired..and doing homework): boo….p.s. these pictures are from diana liu and yvonne lin:) 

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Posted on September 30th at 1:13 AM
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